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DIVAS (Lina Cavalieri) with OperaHub Boston

“Divas’ is touching, funny, and fascinating...   special praise goes to Kathryn McKellar as Lina Cavalieri’s sweet and slightly sapphic “Si, mi chiamano Mimí.” 

-Zoë Madonna (The Boston Globe)

"An Insightful, Relevant Look at Divas... Of course, this required the talents of actual opera singers, which always proves a challenge when it comes to spoken dialogue. And here, they chose a very strong ensemble cast, all of whom were quick on the draw with their banter but who also were able to find the humanity of their characters.... in particular Kathryn McKellar's dignified, warm performance as Lina Cavalieri."

-Arturo Fernandez (Schmopera)

Cendrillon (Cendrillon) with Cambridge Chamber Ensemble

"Among the singers, Kathryn McKellar (Cendrillon), Jeremy Ayres Fisher (Prince Charming), Junhan Choi (Baron de Pictordu, “twisted peak”), and Fran Daniel Laucerica (Count Barigoule) proved most noteworthy... the Act II duet between Cendrillon and the Prince (“C’est moi! Ne craignez rien!” in the French score), as they dance alone on the stage, was perfectly expressive and deeply touching," 

-Mark DeVoto (Boston Intelligencer)


Micaela in Carmen (Greater Worcester Opera)


"In many ways, though, the highlight of the production was Kathryn McKellar's performance in the small but vital role of Micaela. Though the character is rather superfluous to the plot, she adds an important layer to Don José's psychological profile and also gives a bit of balance to a cast of characters that are comprised mainly of gypsies and thieves. Ms. McKellar possesses a radiant voice and a stage presence that demands attention. Simply put, when she's onstage, you can't take your eyes off her. Her performance on Friday, especially her third act aria “Je dis que rien ne m'épouvant” (or “I say that nothing can scare me,” in GWO's translation), left me wishing Bizet had written more for her character to sing." 

-Jonathan Blumhofer (Worcester Telegram & Gazette)


Cosette in Les Miserables (Reagle Music Theater)


"Kathryn McKellar as Fantine’s lovely, grown-up daughter, Cosette, is charming, her stunning soprano voice stellar, especially in duets with Ross Brown."

-Sheila Barth, Theater Mirror


"I was exceptionaly impressed with the vocal quality of both Ross Brown as Marius and Kathryn McKellar as Cosette (her high notes came with such ease and clarity)." 

-Alex Lonati, Broadway World


"Kathryn McKellar as Cosette brings a crystal clear and beautiful operatic voice to the role"

-Al Chase, White Rhino report


"Kathryn McKellar is the adult Cosette who is in love with Marius, portrayed by Ross Brown. Along with Mara Wilson, the triad blends their voices for a wrenching harmony of "A Heart Full of Love"... McKellar's Boston Conservatory training can be heard in her beautiful soprano voice. I appreciated that the untrained ear of us enthusiasts could actually understand her words.

Claudia A. Fox Tree, Boston Events Insider



Soloist with Musicians of the Old Post Road 


"...the chamber ensemble deftly embroidering the elegant singing of Kathryn Mueller and Kathryn McKellar. Most vocal texts were in German, with the exception of John Antes’s “Go, Congregation.” Performances exuded zest, polish, and abundant care."
-Boston Globe, March 18, 2014; Music of the American Moravians with Musicians of the Old Post Road

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