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Porter Square Voice Studio

Welcome to porter square studio.  Teaching has been a longtime passion of mine, and I've been lucky enough to have over 15 years of experience teaching Boston area singers.  From young singers working on college auditions to new mothers building stamina postpartum I meet each singer where they are.  I encourage all styles of repertoire (musical, classical, pop, etc) and create a plan based on each student's needs, goals, and interests.  My teaching philosophy leads me to work with each student individually and tailor technique and exercises to them - after all, no two voices or bodies are alike.  I hold a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance from The Boston Conservatory and in recent years have classical and crossover masterclasses across Boston, Texas, and Virginia.  In my work with younger singers my focus is not only in developing talented musicians and establishing strong practice skills, but in nurturing a confidence and life-long love for music.

I also bring my teaching outside of the classroom, by providing access to regular performance opportunities for interested students, recitals, monthly newsletters, listening lists, and more.  I have worked with and collaborated with conservatories and theaters around greater Boston, and have settled with a personal studio in the heart of Porter Square, Somerville.

45 minute lesson/ $75

1 hour lesson/ $90

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